Our Advantages

01. Leading performance, maintaining steadiness.

We have maintained more than 60% of the investment success rate, 24 years to achieve 120 listed companies, with uniform and steady listing speed. With 24 years of successful investment of more than 700 outstanding enterprises, we have achieved 200 companies’ exit, of which 120 enterprises through the IPO exit, and we are the most active domestic brand of private venture investment enterprises. Our management funds are in excess of 10 billion RMB.

Our core members of the investment team have experienced hundreds of projects, have profound insight of enterprise, and can accurately determine the value of business investment.

02. Dividend first, peaceful return.

The country's first cash dividend limited partnership venture capital fund. In the first year of the second year we achieve cash dividends, with dividend ratio of up to 20%.

03. Sharing risk, Strict control

The country's first limited partnership venture capital fund, which set up industry model. General partners participate in fund funding with proportion of 10%, sharing the risk with investors. We focus on industry-leading companies in emerging industries with high growth potential to avoid industry risks.

We choose a reasonable price, to prevent investment risks.

We choose the right investment theme to prevent long-term market risk.

We establish a sound and strict risk control system and management processes, and fully protect the safety of investment operations.

04. Strengthen self-discipline, investors first.

We from the interests of LP, select the stage of investment. The performance bonus will be withdrawn after the LP has been given priority.